1000schoen - Amish Glamour (music for the sixth sense)
Andrea Polli - Sonic Antarctica
Carl Kruger - Sound Takes II
Ester Poland - Sateenvarjo
Split Album / Collaboration - Five Elements Music - Kapotte Muziek By
Michael Gendreau - Voûtes
Wand And Princess - Blossoming Wounds

Interview between Henry/Heathen Harvest and Arrowyn Craban/Hex Magazine:
Hex Magazine Interview; Old Ways for a New Day


A Handful of Dust - Now Gods, Stand Up For Bastards & The Philosophick Mercury
Grimlord - Blood Runneth Over
Who Rides The Tiger - Transylvania Baby
Wilson Tsang - Whale Song


Sweyn has done something really beautiful with this book.

Whenever I open its covers I feel stripped of all assumptions, beliefs, shoulds, arbitrary laws,
dogma and faith.

I feel Sweyn has cleared a path back to what it is all about anyway - RUNA,
the not knowing, the mystery, the not seeking comfort in false answers.

for me this book is brutally skeptical AND YET this thrusts me into a
new freedom.

I really like the translations of the rune poems and I find myself
reading them every morning before heading out to work or whatever for
the day. They inspire me to reconnect with Runa in new ways.

A new creativity is invited - I'm reminded of Nietzsche's reflection on
the death of god - sailing out into infinite seas from the land - only
realise there never was any land...

I think we can all be very grateful for Sweyn's decision to release this second edition of his book. It is a masterpiece.

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