We recommend the following websites:


Rune Net - International Rune Study Guild

Tarot & Runes - website for a good friend of ours and the most amazing rune reader you're ever likely to encounter.

Rune Secrets - a very detailed site that looks at runes mostly through the lens of personal experience and experimentation.


Bil Linzie - One of the greatest authors ever on seidh and all other areas of Germanic heathen spirituality around! We don't agree with everything he has to say, but we do STRONGLY, STRONGLY, STRONGLY RECOMMEND HIS WORK. - Very Ergi, but I like it, and isn't that what Seid is supposed to be?

Jordsvin's Seidhr pages - a great resource from a learned seidhmadr.

Hrafnar Seidhr - Diana Paxson's pioneering Seidhr group, who specialise in reconstruction of the oracular seidhr  documented in the Saga of Eirik the Red. Different again to what Bil Linzie, Jan Fries or we here at Elhaz Ablaze are doing, but very awesome.

Seidhr Study E-List - Highly recommended if you are interested in this stuff.

Seidh.Org - Website of Diana Paxson (Hrafnar).

Firefly Pages - a site with information on entheogens and Northern Tradition-flavoured shamanism.


Phil Hine - One of the modern originators of chaos magic

Jan Fries - We think everyone should read Jan's work, particularly his books Seidways and Helrunar! They are, in our opinion, utterly essential.

Chaos Matrix - Fenwick Rysen's chaos magic clearinghouse.

Spiral Nature - An occult resource exploring philosophy, spirituality and magick.

Boxing, Wrestling and Berzerkergang - Some excellent information and articles on WWII style hand-to-hand combatives. - The Physiology of Close Combat, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Berserkergang @ Uppsala - A fantastic discussion of most aspects of this phenomenon - Matt Thornton, Martial Philosopher. - Marc 'Animal' MacYoung - The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts

Soma Fera - The Body Wild

General Heathenism

Hex Magazine - a remarkable and deeply inspiring journal on all aspects of heathenism, with a slant to the theme of "the heathen household". Henry helps edit Hex. He also writes a column for the Hex e-newsletter, to which you can subscribe here for free!!

Uppsala Online - features many excellent articles on heathenism.

Ironwood Kindred - An intriguing US heathen group that we've encountered. Their leader Elizabeth Vongvisith has written a brilliant book called Trickster My Beloved: Poems for Laufey's Son about Loki.

The Modern Heathen - A well-written site on many aspects of Asatru/heathenism.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost - A very opinionated, thoughtful and informative site.

An Opinionated Heathen - Insightful blog which seems to be demanding that heathenry develop the kind of rich theological maturity that other religions benefit from...

The Green World Of The Gods - Thoughts on Odin, the Aesir and their home.

Boar, Birch & Bog
Musings of a Vanic Godathegn

The Crooked Path of the Spiral Grove - A collection of musings on Animism, Traditional Paganism and Witchraft, and the Pre-Christian/Pre-Historical Ways of Northwestern Europe and the British Isles. 

House Wodening - Site of, among others, Eric and Swain Wodening, both Theodish luminaries with some fascinating articles on their blogs.

Viking Answer Lady - An odd but very informative catch-all information site on heathenry

History & Mythology - probably the single most exhaustive source of historical and mythological information on the web.

Specific Deities

Lokahal - Dedicated to Loki!

Woden's Harrow


Ironwood - Henry's progessive/folk/black metal band (with heathen/animist themed lyrics)

Sword Toward Self - Henry's neoclassical death metal band (with "Angry Buddha" lyrical themes)

Ein Skopudhr Galdra - Henry's dark ambient/neo-classical/folk project
- the band that can change the weather!
Heathen Harvest Webzine - Chronicling the Post-Industrial Underground - music reviews, interviews, book reviews, essays.


An interview with James Hillman

Brian Bates - Mr Bates has written some utterly essential books about heathenism and spirituality as well as psychology.His book The Real Middle Earth is utterly essential reading for all heathens, pagans, etc, etc.