Fehu Magik 05/17/2009

So it has been a while, a lot has changed within.

I am not one for big words or essays but I have been told that I should share some of my experiences with Elhaz readers.

Here is one that has worked really well for me.

A little history to see the need for this magik:

I own my own business and for a while there we were doing it tough so I decided to do a little Fehu magic.

Nothing from a book just straight from the heart. No pre planing just a dark night and a sword.

On my property I have made a 7 foot Elhaz surrounded by 5-10 kg stones carved in runes that sit next to a dam.

After a silent meditation I began chanting Fehu.

Picking up the Fehu stone I slammed it against my head 5 or 6 times until I felt the blood flow.

With each blow my eyes were blinded by a piercing light as though lightning was striking through my body.

Feeling such rage I grabbed my sword along the blade and carved a Fehu rune over my face pushing the point so it felt as I was cutting my skull.

Once I had done this I started dragging the point of my blade down my forearms until slipped into a quiet trance. Where I stayed for how long I do not know.

The results of this outburst of emotion and rage were amazing. At the time work was very quite and things where looking pretty grim. I felt as though the stability for my family was under threat. The thought of failing my children was ever present.

Three days after the Fehu magik work came flooding in to the point I was working 16 hr days to keep up.

I have been able to move my business out of the city and closer to home, saving $70k a year in rent.

I was expecting to lose some client due to the distance I moved but instead we are gaining new clients on a daily basis.

I feel that it is the connection and the power you apply to your magik that makes it work not what someone else tells you is right.

Somafera Journal 08/05/2008

Let me start with a little history into my choice of practice.

I have always been involved on some sort of self defence art, whether it was boxing, Muay Thai kick boxing, or another form of martial art, mixed with a lot of weight pushing.
The biggest issue I had was when I did get into a situation where these practices could be used was that I would just black out, and when I came to the other person was not in any hurry to move.
(I am not trying to blow my own trumpet here I am just making a ground point of how I first started this Journey).

One example of this really scared the crap out of me.

I was out with a friend and he had a scuffle with someone, anyway when we were leaving the guy ran up from behind and hooked my mate in the face with knuckle dusters, spreading his nose all over his face.

Then the guy ran at me. I don’t know what happened next I seem to have lost a few minutes which to this day I still can’t recall. The next thing I know there is the head light of a car about 30 cm from my head I am sitting on the guy’s chest beating his face in.

There was blood pouring out of this guy’s face, the guy was out cold and not moving, all the security
were screaming at me to stop but they wouldn’t touch me.I ran off up the road I stopped about 50 metres away and the guy still hadn’t moved.

The next day I was freaking out what if I had killed this guy what was I to do.
I even watched the news to see if they had said anything.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened though definitely the most serious so I started looking for a reason this was happening.

I happened to stumble across a site called Uppsala online; after reading the segment
on Berserkergangr it all started to make sense. The berserker had always been of interest to me.

I read over this site repeatedly for a few months then I notice the link to something called somafera.

After reading through this site I could not stop thinking about what I had read, it really tripped something within me. Please read through the somafera site for a full understanding and description of what is involved.

The  only thing that was missing to make this a full spiritual / physical training system was there was no set martial art to use.

I started asking around and the system I found to fit with the somafera training is a style of kung-fu
called YANG MIAN where as you use internal pressure to create power.

You raise the pressure in your body by doing repetitive exercises while keeping your mind, breathing
and muscles relaxed similar to raising the wode (check out their site it has some great videos on it).

Lucky for me a good friend of mine has been given permission by his Master (Master Yang) to
start his own school. I have been training with him over the last couple of months to get my body
conditioned and am now ready to tie Somafera and Yang Mian together in a experiment to see
what can be achieved.

I will be keeping a monthly journal of my experiences on this page, it will be quite a journey.



    Being one associated with Vithar I am not one for words, written or spoken.

    I feel that everyone has a right to their own opinion without being influenced by others.  What feels right for one person may not be so for the next person.

    In my opinion you can’t read a book or two and learn to become a heathen. You may know all the gods off by heart and know the in’s and out’s of the Eddas but so could an educated Christian.

    Heathenry for me just defines what you have always been. You will never be able to change who you are in an attempt at becoming something you have read from a book.

    Sure books are great for learning new techniques of trance, rituals and rune work if written in the way of an opinion or experience, but not if it is force fed and not open to one’s own interpretation. Unfortunately a lot of the books out there come into the latter category.

    Use your common sense and sift your way through, growing with what you feel is right for you and discarding that which does not feel relevant.

    Well that’s my opinion anyway.

    If you disagree…. Great, that means you have an opinion of your own.


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